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The Carson name appears to have originated in the Galloway Region of Scotland around the 13th Century and is possibly of French origin. Many Carsons still reside in this area. The name appears to have existed in various forms amongst them were de Carsan, Acarsane and the more obvious Carsan and Carson. The first persons recorded as having a version of the Carson name appear to be:- Maurice Acarsan, baliff of Isle of Man, appointed by King Alexander. Robert de Carsan, parson, Kircandres, Dumfriesshire, 1296. John Acarsan took Dumfries Castle in 1305. The earliest Carson in this direct line only goes back to around 1780 although the name is fairly common from the 16th century onwards. Many Scots left the land of their birth in the 17th century as part of the "Plantation of Ireland". They eventually settled primarily in Counties Tyrone, Antrim and Down. Many Carsons still reside in these Counties today while others have emigrated to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Others have returned to Scotland.