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Saturday September 1st 2012

We are searching for my the ancestors of my husband’s dad, John Ernest Carson, born c February 1896-7.  We have found England, Ontario, Canada, or Philadelphia, PA, USA listed as his place of birth.  He served in the 38th Ottawa Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force from 1915-1923.  He was in the Regiment 410247.  On his attestation paper in 1915, he listed his father as simply John Carson of Eastview, Ontario, Canada.  In 1923 when he married Sarah Hannah Baxter in  Toronto, Ontario, Canada, he named his father as John Edward Carson and his mother as Julia Paterson Carson.  John Carson is a very common name and I cannot seem to find the right one.  No luck either with tracing his mother Julia.  We don’t know if he had siblings or not.  There were family rumors that he was alienated from his father and grew up with a foster family named Spangler.  We would also like to know about them, but don’t know where to start—Canada or Pennsylvania? If anyone has any information concerning John Ernest Carson, please respond.

Monday July 30th 2012

Apart from my family history research which is proceeding at snails pace [!!] could you recommend a reliable book or article that outlines the early origins of the Carson name and clan ? Does Carson originate from the Danish "Kur" which, if so, suggests that we were originally invaders from the north. Alternatively, were we native to Scotland and got exported to Ireland or were some in Ireland in any case ? This would be a great topic for discussion on your site and add interest.

Friday October 12th 2012

Discover everafter is a website with a searchable database which currently contains details of 22 Carsons.                  The webite address is www.discovereverafter.com  A graveyard is one of the most accessible sources for studying a community’s history. Each one is unique and has its own collection of headstones, many of which will, unfortunately, deteriorate through neglect, weather or vandalism; some eventually becoming completely illegible. “Everafter” has modernised the way the deaths of our loved ones are recorded.  They provide Parishes and Councils with a complete set of up-to-date graveyard records and an online Graveyard Management System to record future burials.