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Family Crest
The shield of the Arms is described in heraldic language as: Argent, a chevron gules between three crescents of the same. Translated into modern English this translates as "A silver shield upon which are a chevron and three red crescents. Argent is Silver, one of the the metals usually painted white. It represents Peace and Sincerity. The Crescent is half-moon shaped with upturned horns and means Faith and Hope. The Crest would be made of wood or boiled leather and was worn as an attachment to the helmet at tournaments. The Crest is of an Elephants head erased, trunk elevated proper. The family motto translates as "By virtue and valour" Personally I am rather sceptical about any Carson Coat of Arms. I think they were dreamt up to satisfy the needs of emigrants long since departed these shores. It would be nice to be wrong however!